Claire Fraise


Claire Fraise


I’m from a small town in Connecticut where I spent my childhood reading voraciously and wholeheartedly pursuing every career path that even remotely interested me, whether that took the form of starting a 501(c)(3) dog rescue or learning to dance so that I could do musical theatre (please don’t ask to see videos). None of those things stuck and I kept finding myself coming back to writing which is what led me here.

I don’t remember when I started writing. In elementary school, I was filling composition notebooks with stories written in careful cursive. In middle school, I fell madly in love with dystopian fiction and began work on what would become my debut novel Imperfect which I self-published when I was 16.

Publishing Imperfect taught me a lot about vulnerability and what it’s like to champion something I had worked so hard on creating. Most importantly, however, it introduced me to the power that stories have to impact people. It was this experience that made me realize I wanted to spend my life telling and sharing stories which I’ve been doing ever since.

After Imperfect, I wrote a contemporary YA coming-of-age novel about a 16-year-old girl who needs to repair her family after making a series of bad decisions that tore it apart. I then graduated from high school and moved to Ohio to attend Kenyon College where I continued writing drafts of that manuscript and threw myself headlong into writing short stories and investigative journalism pieces. Kenyon’s on-campus cemetery sparked an interest in ghost stories which provided the inspiration for my supernatural mystery, They Stay.

I graduated from Tufts University in May 2021 with a BA in English, a minor in Foreign Policy Analysis, and having taken many courses in screenwriting. I live in Boston with my partner and wonderful dog Mocha. Follow my publishing journey on my YouTube channel and subscribe to my newsletter to enter giveaways, get exclusive updates, and be the first to find out when I have a new book out.