Meredith Lyons


Meredith Lyons



I started writing at a young age and always loved stories that I got lost in and characters who became my friends. I wrote my first novel at thirteen, in pencil, on that gray, recycled paper they had in the ‘90s. I still have the pages. All 636 of them. In high school and college, I also pursued passions in theatre, painting, and piano, and my writing took on a more practical bent. I became a yearbook section editor, which lead to a second degree in Mass Communication. (My first was in Theatre, of course.) I wrote for online publications like CBS Local and before finally starting my first blog. I got serious about fiction writing in 2018 and since then have written six novels, all with a fantasy or speculative bent.

My debut novel Ghost Tamer was released on September 19th with CamCat Books and is available in Hardcover, Large Print Paperback, eBook, and audiobook wherever books are sold. A Dagger of Lightning is soft science fiction (with a slow burn romance tucked inside) and will be released April 1st, 2025.